Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) 2018 National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition Champion

In my senior year of high school I participated in NFTE's Entrepreneurship 2 National Business plan competition. I won the regional competition in the Bay Area and went on to be chosen to compete in New York City! I worked hard and came out on top and became a national champion along with winning $10k in seed funding for my business Color Herstory. This was a pivotal moment in my journey as a youth entrepreneur.

"A exciting addition to Nationals this year was the announcement of prizes awarded to top students from NFTE’s newest advanced course, Entrepreneurship 2 (or E2). Earlier in the day E2 finalists participated in a separate competition track. The winning E2 business was Color HerStory, founded by 18-year-old Simone Hufana of San Leandro, CA. Hufana took home the top prize in the E2 competition: $10,000 in seed capital to build her business, which is an educational, interactive coloring book focused entirely on influential women of color."


Beastmode a Business Competition Winner

Beastmode by Marshawn Lynch teamed up with Shopify and Hingeto to create a learning based business competition for the youth in the East Bay Area. Over the course of three days young entrepreneurs went through workshops and one-on-one mentoring with Shopify staff to make and build their businesses along with creating their very own Shopify stores. I pitched my way to the final round of presentations and came out on top along side my fellow entrepreneur Matthew. I believe that all of the participants are winners and the true reward is the strides and success that we will all achieve through our businesses, I feel that I was very lucky to have came out as the competition champion but my real success lies in the future of my business.


Mighty 4 Arts Foundation Community Appreciation Award

"Mighty4 Arts Foundation (M4AF) was founded by Paul Ruma (Paulskeee) in 1998 and has served as the San Francisco Bay Area’s only annual Hip Hop cultural festival which strives to unify and preserve the four cornerstones of what is known as Hip Hop culture: Emceeing, Style Writing, DJing and Breakin." -

On July 7th, 2019, I received the Mighty4 Arts Foundation Community Appreciation Award for the work that I do in my community along with running my business Color Herstory. It is such an honor to be acknowledged for my passion and love for the people and different communities that I belong to and beyond. I hold this honoring close to my heart as I continue to use my privileges and platform to honor my ancestors, their dreams, and the generations ahead of me. 

"Receiving the #Mighty4 Appreciation Award 7/6 (12pm) is a local & national #entrepreneurship #champion , @sim1huf , creator of the world’s first coloring book solely based on influential womyn of color, @colorherstory . Simone is a True warrior that fights against injustice & discrimination in society & I am very proud of her work that serves as a source of inspiration to the next generation. " - Paulskeee


A's 510 Day Community Hero Award

In celebration of 510 Day, the A's honored three heroes who are making a difference in their East Bay communities. We were brought on the field before the game began to be celebrated by the stadium. 

I was nominated by community members as well as my friend Maya who helped me receive this honoring. This experience was unlike others as I got to be honored in such a grand way in front of my family and A's fans in the stadium. I received the community hero award alongside the CEO of Oaklandish, Angela Tsay. Through this award I connected with Angela and my books are now in Oaklandish stores! 

I am deeply humbled by the love and support my community gives to me. Awards like the 510 community hero honoring is so so special to me and makes my heart full. I will continue to love and give to my community for as long as I can. 


People of my Heart Award by the Livermore Fil-Am Organization at the Livermore Barrio Fiesta

On October 6th, 2019, I was honored with the People of my Heart award by the Livermore Fil-Am Organization at the annual Livermore Barrio Fiesta. 

"It's not even what you do, it's not even what you've done. If you know this girls story, then you know. It's just who you are, it's your heart. That's why you get this award, because of your heart. You're the heart of our people, our Filipino American people, that's you. You're bringing us somewhere. Follow her, she is the future and she's here now. It's amazing." - Arthur Barinque

As a Pinay it warms my heart being honored by the Filipinx community of Livermore. The barrio fiesta was beautiful and I truly got to connect with the community and our ancestors in the space they created. Thank you Arthur and Livermore Fil-Am organization for the beautiful Heart of my People award!