About Color herstory

What is Color Herstory?

Color Herstory is an educational and interactive coloring book that focuses on influential womxn of color. Each page will has an inspiring womxn on it with a small box to the side describing who they are. The coloring book provides not only representation for young girls and women, but empowerment. 

 It opens the door to opportunity and gives the customer that spark of courage when they realize that there are prosperous women that look just like them.

We are the worlds 1st coloring book SOLELY based on womxn of color!

origins of color herstory


Herstory of Creator

I am Simone, the founder & creator of Color Herstory! I come from a diverse background of Mexican, Filipino, Chinese, and Puerto Rican ancestry. I was born and raised in the East Bay of California and created this book in hopes to educate and empower. For as long as I could remember my goal in life has been to change the world.

The creation of this business was in inspiration of my two younger sisters, Zariah and Evelien. Growing up in the society that we do, I was ashamed of my  features that came with me as a young brown girl. I found shame in my brown skin and full lips, I wanted fair skin like my classmates and barbie dolls. Until I grew older I started taking pride in my different identities because I took the initiative to educate myself about my cultures and the women that look like me and are doing revolutionary things. I got very inspired by what these women were doing and wanted to do what they were doing one day, changing the world. I realized that I was capable of doing so and ended up with this business idea becoming a reality. 


The beginning of an empire

While in high school, I was apart of my schools Academy for Business and Finance. Though that, we took Entrepreneurship courses through the Network For Entrepreneurship (NFTE). NFTE is a non-profit that teaches entrepreneurship skills to students in low income neighborhoods. They always preached to take something that you love and are passionate about, and create that into a business. I brainstormed like crazy and finally found the perfect idea, Color HerStory. 

My many pages of brainstorming in my notebook became real after competing and finishing on top of Shopify, Marshawn Lynch, and Fam 1st Family Foundations business competition in the summer of 2017. I was awarded mentorship and access to resources in order to jump start my business. One week after winning, I made the idea into REALITY!


An ever-growing mission...

As my business and I grow, I will continue to take up space. Combatting systems of oppresion and hate are not easy, and I will do so with my community and ancestors backing me as I navigate the business realm.

The creation of Color Herstory is just the beginning. Make sure to keep up with me as I take on the world.