Beastmode A Business

Beastmode by Marshawn Lynch teamed up with Shopify and Hingeto to create a learning based business competition for the youth in the East Bay Area. Over the course of three days young entrepreneurs went through workshops and one-on-one mentoring with Shopify staff to make and build their businesses along with creating their very own Shopify stores. I pitched my way to the final round of presentations and came out on top along side my fellow entrepreneur Matthew. 


NFTE International Business Competition

In my senior year of high school I participated in NFTE's Entrepreneurship 2 National Business plan competition. I won the regional competition in the Bay Area and went on to be chosen to compete in New York City! I worked hard and came iut on top and became a national champion along with winning $10k in seed funding for my business Color Herstory.

"A exciting addition to Nationals this year was the announcement of prizes awarded to top students from NFTE’s newest advanced course, Entrepreneurship 2 (or E2). Earlier in the day E2 finalists participated in a separate competition track. The winning E2 business was Color HerStory, founded by 18-year-old Simone Hufana of San Leandro, CA. Hufana took home the top prize in the E2 competition: $10,000 in seed capital to build her business, which is an educational, interactive coloring book focused entirely on influential women of color."

Color herstory pilot video

Color Herstory makes coloring book based on influential womxn of color to bring representation and influence. This video was made for the Girlpreneur competition and it was made when my business was meerely an idea and not yet a tangible product of business.

NFTE World Series of Innovation: Femgen

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) hosts an annual global competition based on creating innovative solutions for real world problems. My parents Janet Nguyen, Tiffany Hua, and I created "FemGen", an app that is community based and talks about intersectional feminism.